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Few important tips on communication April 30, 2010

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I learn few important tips on communication during a presales with one of my client and would love to share the incident with you all.

Leader has to be listener – We had a long chat/call on few occasions understanding the requirements, I kept on listening/acknowledging the inputs from client while noting down the important points as and when needed. I started asking questions at the end of the sessions only. This was applaud by my Client a big way, we benefited by saving on time as 30% of my initial questions were any way answered by further inputs from client. I kept on understanding the deepest part till the last moment and finally asked question which gave a solid impression about my understanding. Have I been asking questions on every instance of doubt created during conversion, I would have failed to gain the respect which I acclaimed well before conversation ended.

Showing up on time and fulfilling the commitments – for all the meetings I was up online at-least 3-5 minutes before the meeting time, stayed well prepared. It helped me in ensuring that we value time of all participants.

In one of the instance I was supposed to provide an online demo of existing application, however the demo was not ready. I recorded a video of existing application, did tweaks on the name of products, hiding certain images (as the application was under NDA) and posted over to my site’s video player for client to watch.

I committed to show up an online application – though I failed there –  I ensured that client gets feel of what we had developed via Video. It tool almost 3 hours to generate this video to ensure that all legal matters are taken care along with facilitating this new client. This investment was highly welcomed by client and they were impressed with

1. Arranging the video in time 2. Our sense of Data security.

Client’s team started being so opened to us that we discussed various other business topics along with this project, including their hosting plan.

There are many things to share but would take over to next post.

Meanwhile there are few more tips from some one whom I read regularly, might be helpful;

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The Listening Leader by Cris Witt


Can your passion make your living, Yes! December 25, 2008

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One of my friend pointed me to a  great post of Rajesh Setty  “Pursuing your passion – Dave Maskin” It is truth of life that if you pursue your own passion you are bound to win, here Rajesh also covered another aspect of if by talking about Dave Maskin who really make his living out of his passion. And I guess Entrepreneurs grow with a simple reason that they live with their passion. One of my Sister who could not do well in her exams was not welcomed by many of family members. She loved painting and started guiding school children on their assignments.. finally she did so well that she was invited by some exhibition organizers to display her art work in their exhibitions. From my point of view important is that one does it with 100% Energy & totality there is no means to fail. Thanks to Rajesh Setty, who  also has another post on similar lines Ways to distinguish yourself – #2 Do your daily work with passion!